Guilty Pleasure

A Boy can't have too many shoes, or can he?

My Guilty Pleasure. What’s yours?

So last week I spent my time reading this great book, “Lesson from Madame Chic”  (Totally recommend. Even I’m a boy. Don’t Judge.) and I learn that how simplicity can help our life run smoothly. Based on her book, Jennifer L. Scott explains that for every season, we should try to live with only 10 basic items which can be mix and match easily. It’s actually a great tips to try, either you are woman or man. I mean, let’s be real, if we think clear for once, how much we spend for clothing alone per month?

Lesson from Madame Chic_Jennifer L.Scott

Lesson from Madame Chic by Jennifer L.Scott

But since everyone has different story, I have to admit, when it comes to fashion, I still have one guilty pleasure that I can’t let go. Shoes. There’s always one pair of shoes that will attract my attention every month and make me can’t sleep at night, thinking about, how in the world, I can have it? I know it’s weird (I’m weirdo anyway), but I simply can’t help myself as shoes addict.

"That's right, you can't eliminate your guilty pleasure 100%, all you can do is minimalize it to certain level and find a better way to increase your income."

Then can I delete my guilty pleasure? God No. But what I can do is eliminate my other desires to buy clothing and be more rational when it comes to buy new pair of shoes. If it’s classic shoes, on my budget limit, and offer good quality, then maybe I’ll buy it after two weeks can’t sleep because I keep thinking about it. That’s right, you can’t eliminate your guilty pleasure 100%, all you can do is minimalize it to certain level and find a better way to increase your income.

Now tell me, what is your guilty pleasure?


Spring 2015 Trend (3): Bold Accessories

Burberry Prorsum s 2015

Burberry Prorsum S/S 2015 (Source:

It’s Friday and tomorrow it’s weekend again, you love it or hate it? I don’t like day off unless I need it, but since I’m still working for other people, then I got no choice but follow the river.

Back to my 3rd and last spring 2015 trend post, it would be bold accessories. Whether it’s sneakers, bags, or even socks, you might want to listen to me first. If you read my previous post, then you know that most of this year trend, you have already inside your wardrobe. Black and white, denim jacket, all the classic look. So what would be the different if not add some splashy colourful  accessories for your look?

Ovadia & Sons

Ovadia & Sons S/S 2015 (source:


Fendi S/S 2015 (Source:

For this trend, I totally agree, because for accessories, especially the trendy one, should cost you no fortune, unless you think you can wear it for long time. If it’s sneakers, for example, I only buy the affordable version. I told you this before right?

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New Balance Men's 420 Lifestyle (IDR.679.150)

New Balance Men’s 420 Lifestyle (IDR.679.150)

Spring 2015 Trend (2): Black & White


AMI S/S 2015 (Source:

Like I told you before, for spring summer 2015 trend, most of the item already inside your closet, all you have to do is wear it and give a little twist. On this post, the trend would be anything black and white. And the most fun part is, the trend will fit for almost any man because it’s classic trend. Any man would look great in black and white except Michael Jackson (can’t say too soon for that joke).


Dsquared2 S/S 2015 (Source:

mark mcnairy new amsterdam

Mark McNairy New Amsterdam (Source:

AMI, Dsquared2, and Mark McNairy New Amsterdam show us how to rock black and white trend with twist. Always make it casual look, either with your favourite jacket, jeans, or office look (not joking). I mean, the least fashion thing you can do if you are lazy is wear your white shirt, jeans, and nice sneakers. Always insert fun into your life or in this case, your look.

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Zalora Checked Short Sleeve Shirt (IDR.229.000)

Zalora Checked Short Sleeve Shirt (IDR.229.000)

Spring 2015 Trend (1): Denim Jacket


AMI S/S 2015 (Source:

Hi All,

Finally, the long not-doing-anything-but-sick weekend is over, so now we can talk about work. Start this week, we will start to talk about spring 2015 trend for men, because let’s face it, it’s spring and if you are looking for style reference, maybe I can tell you something positive once a while.

What I like about this spring 2015 trend is that most of the trend already there inside your closet. We can start first with the most versatile item: denim jacket. From AMI to Michael Bastian to Dsquared2, denim jacket is a must item.


Dsquared2 S/S 2015 (Source:


Michael Bastian S/S 2015 (source:

Be it jacket or sleeveless and come in dark blue or light blue, anything goes for spring summer this year. It’s so refreshing can wear something that you already familiar with and just be stylish at the same time. I don’t know about the weather in your place, but here in Indonesia, it should be summer already (we only have 2 seasons: summer and rain), but thanks to Al Gore, the rain still hit us every now and then. So again, there’s no better way to keep us warm, dry, and looking good at the same time than wearing the denim jacket. And you know what, you can also twist your denim jacket by pin your favourite brooch or cuff links.

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Happy Spring!

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Lee Cooper Rico Shirts (IDR.589.500)

Lee Cooper Rico Shirts (IDR.589.500)

Confusing Grooming Trend: Feminine Beard


Conchita Wurst (Source:

It’s Easter, so please don’t through eggs at me because of what I’m about to say about this grooming trend: Feminine beard. I’m not saying this because I hate them, I only don’t like their beard. I love you for being who you are but this feminine beard trend should stop.

First one, is Conchita Wurst, the transsexual singer sensation from Europe. I like him or her for being true to herself, but the long hair and the beard just ruin my imagination about pretty woman. Then there’s actor Andrew Rannels. I hope he has this beard for role or something relating to work. If not, then his effort to make him more masculine is not working at all. Even the girl next to him looks more butch then Andrew himself.


Andrew Rannells (Source:

Again, this is only my opinion, but if you want to continue the grooming trend, then it’s your right. I let you keep being you and vice versa.

Packing for traveling week again,


The Most Stylish Brothers Ever


Stylish brothers ever: Romeo-Cruz-Brooklyn Beckham                           (Source:

Seriously, can you show another siblings that have better sense of style better the Beckham’s kids? Nope, I don’t think.

I know this is blog for grown up (above teenage years for sure), but I can’t help myself but letting you know, that we (the older one) can learn something from this kids.

Maybe it’s true what they say, the apples are not fall far from the trees.

What’s your plan for weekend?


In The Fitting Room: Zara Loafers


Zara Loafers Shoes or as I call it Pretty Shoes

Are you working right now? Got Bored with work? Well, then let’s take a break to see this pretty loafers from Zara.

I call it pretty loafers because it’s great to see and wear it on nice surface (like your office building floor), but when it comes to real surface, especially on Jakarta’s street, your shoes will cry like a  lost child. The streets to this kind of shoes are just like they way your boss treats you, too hard.

But again, there’s nothing to imagine to have this pretty shoes. The price around $105.

What’s your plan for Easter weekend?