Taylor Fine Goods Backpack


Taylor Fine Goods Backpack

If you been reading my blog (which I doubt), then you must know that it’s been a while since I’m looking for that perfect nice backpack. Guess what? I found it. The backpack from “Taylor Fine Goods”.  It comes in black (nylon and leather) colour with a bold orange colour inside the bag (Can you see it?).

What I like about this bag is that I can put my laptop and many things inside the bag without feeling the heaviness on my back, which usually happened with my old backpack. Also the plus side, it looks so stylish at the same time, don’t you think? If you want this same kind of bag, you better hurry. Because the last time I ordered, they only have 2 spare left.

Now I need to back to work on my reporting. Got big presentation tomorrow and sadly, I can’t travel anywhere this week. Oh, almost forgot, you can also get 15% off if you buy any of Taylor Fine Goods from Zalora Indonesia. Simply input the code: ZBAPQ2XM before you check out.

Happy Sunday,


About Your Laundry: Towel, Blanket, and Bed Sheetd


For heavy item such as towels or bed sheet, do yourself a favour by send those items to laundry shop

You know what I just realize? After all this time doing my own laundry (manual, with hand, because in my rent place, we don’t have decent washing machine), I found the perfect solution for all kind of heavy items such as towel, blanket, and even bed sheet.

Simply send them to special laundry shop. It’s easy, effective, and also affordable. I can’t imagine if I have to wash my towel with my hand. Not only it won’t be clean enough, but also wasting my Sunday. I found, based on my experiences, that with laundry service, my regular items such as shirt, underwear, or pants would had too many chemical on them. The smell too chemical-ish and also after two times, you can see your clothes start to fading away, which is not good at all.

On the other hand, towel and heavy items would be perfect for that. I need the linger good smell and for sure, the item would be clean.


My Travel Kit Essential


My travel kit essential

Since my work requires me to travel a lot (Not complaining for that), either with service car, train, or mostly plane, I now become little expert on how to travel with comfort. This month only, I travel to 5 different cities and up in the air at least 10 times. So for that, I need to take with me, my travel kit essential whenever I go (most of the time).

  1. Light Blanket. It’s actually Batik garment from Woranga shop, which I keep in my bag, has more than one function. Whenever the flight takes more than 1 hours and I need extra warm, it’s there for me. Or if I need something to cover my eyes from the lights, it’s also there to cover me. But if the travel takes less than 1 hour, I simply use wear my jacket.
  2. Neck pillow. Again, whenever the travel takes more than one hour and especially during my nap time ( I once fly 11 PM from Makassar back to Jakarta), I know I can rely on this pillow which helps my sleep position and reduces the stiffness around my neck.
  3. Sunglasses. Not only fashion reason, but also help me to hide bag under my eye because I had to woke up early and sleep late. It prevents my fellow passenger to see my ugly face while I’m sleeping and also to help me sleep better if the light too bright for my eyes.
  4. Ear plugs. At this point, I think I need to go to see a doctor, because usually during take off and landing, something about the air pressure did something to my ear and I feel like I can’t hear my own voice. So with ear plug, I can really reduce the air pressure to my ears.
  5. Baby wipes. I told you this before, right? With baby wipes, not only it helps you to refresh your face and neck, but also give you extra moisture for your skin which tends to be dry during the flight. Remember to gently wipe your eyes too.

I hope you can learn something from my post. Did you enjoy your long holiday weekend?


And She Calls Me “Pak” aka “Sir”


I know, I look old, but I’m okay with that.

At this point, I think I don’t need to explain to you why I have not write any post since Thursday. I got one word for you. Work. But today, after over sleep (because it’s Sunday) and did my laundry, I’m ready to tell you interesting (sad mix with funny) story while sipping my second cup of coffee.

Remember on last post I was taking about my new sunglasses that I bought at H&M Indonesia? Well, I got more than I bargain for. The girl behind the counter called me “Pak” or Sir. But that’s not the twist. Right next to me standing the next customer, whom the same girl behind the counter call “Kak” or “Bro”. “Pak” is what you call someone older and “Kak” is what you call young people. If you still confuse, let me give you simple explanation. I’m old.

It was absurd experience actually. Maybe it’s because I’m holding my laptop back pack and maybe the boy next to me dress like a hip. Not that I’m feeling offense, already had that phase view years back when I turn 20. What I really feel is like I don’t belong to this affordable store anymore. I had different experience when I shopped at H&M Singapore and Malaysia. They usually call you Sir or Mam. That much better and I don’t feel like shopping at my nephew store. We are the same customer.

You think I’m over react or what?


Clubmaster Sunglasess


Club Master Sunglasess from H&M (Around $10)

This would be the first time I break my fashion diet in a long time (I know it’s only been 1.5 months, but still), with really budget conscious in my mind. I have so many items in my mind that I want to buy, but since I need to practice what I preach, I choose only the necessary one. Why you ask? Because my old sunglasses is too tired travel with me. It needs a break.

I really love this clubmaster design because it gives you classic style with modern twist. No need much to look stylish and off course, no need much to break my bank. The sunglasses is only like $10 (IDR.129.000) and from one of my favorite store, H&M.

See you later, now waiting for my flight to Lampung.


How To Keep Your Basic Items Far From Boring While Traveling


Your basic items should have good quality over quantity.

As you might know or not, I travel a lot for work. Travel like crazy. The first week of April I was in Cirebon. The second week I went to Makassar. Yesterday after hopping to Semarang for one day, tomorrow I will fly to Lampung again. Not mention, in the end of month, I probably will end up in Bandung.

With all those crazy schedule, not only my time to write a blog is limited, but also I don’t have luxurious time to think of what to wear for each travel. Yes, I admit that I’m always excited and sometime have no idea of what to wear, but with so many practises (paid by my client), come experience and wisdom of what to wear in no time.

If you see my instagram, then you will see me wearing the same piece over and over again. Instead of feeling bored, I feel more excited with the idea of how to maximize what I have. Cost per wear, remember? So if you ask me what are the keys to make sure I’ll still have style while traveling but without the boring factor?

  • Good quality basic items. Like I told you many times, quality can’t lie. Always choose quality over quantity. Also basic items will go along the way compare to your trendy item.
  • Mix & match. Make sure your basic item can be incorporate with almost any item you already have. Both on your office look or your casual look. Think outside the box. Try in your spare time to mix and match, even in your own head, what if my basic black t-shirt I combine with my cargo pants and sneakers? Let go your imagination first, edit later. Or simply search endless inspiration on Pinterest.
  • Rotation. Not have schedule on what to wear is the key to boring look. Rotate your basic items every now and then. Don’t wear the same outfit (unless your work uniform) for two weeks in the row. 
  • Accessories. Maybe it’s the same outfit from last week, but different watch/shoes or even different socks can totally elevate your boring basic look.

What you think?


One Stylish Step At A time


Yesterday while waiting for my flight back to Jakarta after 4 days in Makassar

Hi All,

How are you? I know it’s been a week since my last post. Let’s say it together with me: work. Yes people, I have real job which is my first priority that sadly, took my time to travel like crazy and didn’t have a time to write you something. Well actually I did have spare time, but you know, while traveling, after work, we went out and had fun. By the time I got back to my hotel room, fell to sleep because too tired to think anymore.

Anyway, while waiting and during my flights, I spent view hours to view my Pinterest pictures and read inspirational book like Madame Chic and currently still reading ‘Essential Manner for Men’ by Peter Post, I learn a lot . A little bit a lot actually. Too many things that I think are inspired and can be applied to my daily life yet also quiet overwhelmed.

So what to do? Take a stylish step at a time. Because the truth is, let’s face it, we can’t apply ALL things we read straight away from the book to real life. We (at least myself) can only pick one or two things that we think very easy to apply like keep our room/house clean, enjoy little task as if it’s very relaxing, or try to meditate minimum once a week. If we push our self too hard, it would a nightmare instead of enjoyment.

Are you agree with me? Whatever you decide, let me know or not. I’m off to bed right now. Have early flight tomorrow morning.