Place To Go In Lampung: Mutun Beach


Quick Dip before start my day in Lampung

Hi All,

It’s been another crazy week for me, first Lampung and then Brebes. Tired? Off course. But also excited, because my motto now is find a little place to relax while doing my job. For example, when I’m visiting Lampung, I usually only stay at the hotel and doing nothing but working. Not anymore.

Yesterday, thanks to Google, I found there are view beaches in Lampung. One of the famous one is Mutun Beach. Located in Pesawaran district, you can reach the beach by driving around 20 minutes from Tanjung Karang or in my case, 30 minutes driving because I drove myself and only got GPS. But worth it.


Mutun beach, Lampung.

When I arrive, the sun still shy but the water was warm already- perfect to get quick dip before start my day. It’s safe beach for kids and no big wave if you concern about that.

You need to pay if entry the beach (less than $1 per person & less than $1 if you driving a car), but again, so worth it.

Have a nice weekend,


Fashion Friday: Black & White


Brendan Fallis (Source:

As much I try to be more colorful and summery, I find simplicity with black and white still amaze me more. All you need already inside your wardrobe.

Long white sleeve shirt + black jeans + (here’s the twist) tassel loafer.

This is the kind of outfit that will make me look stylish without having stress to think of what to wear.

Happy Friday,


Up In The Air With Old Friend (His Name is Levi’s)


My old friend, Levi’s cargo pants

Hi All,

Here I am today, flying again. They only let me rest for 2 days before they kick me back to the air. It’s work for sure. Next destination is Lampung. For this trip, I bring along my old friend, Levi’s cargo pants that I got from JB like 2 years ago but never got the chance or nerve to wear it.

But now it’s summer and I’m tired of wearing my black jeans, so here I am. Embracing new style into my daily activities.

My pray goes to all the victims from yesterday’s Hercules crush,


Thank You Lombok, Had A Nice Weekend Here!


Last stop before heading back to Jakarta: Kuta beach. (Wearing my new Pull & Bear Swim short)

Before I tell you my story with my flight back to Jakarta (Will tell you in a minute), let me just say, how grateful I am for my job, which allows me to travel around Indonesia, including this beautiful island Lombok.

Back to my trip, what I did for weekend here in Lombok:

gili trawangan

gili trawangan

  • Saturday: rent a motorbike and drove myself to Bangsal harbour before took the boat to Gili Trawangan. The beach was okay (in my opinion). On my way back, I stopped at Pandanan Beach to see the sunset. Overall, I enjoy the ride and the beaches. Then at night I got myself a nice dinner plus a glass of white wine, and gave myself 1.5 hours body massages. Total cost is less than $35.
  • Sunday: I had good sleep (thanks to wine & great body massage), so I treat myself 30 minutes to swim before heading to Sekarbela to buy my sister pearls (real one). And then the car pick me up and drove me to Kuta beach for nice 2 hours relaxing time before dropped me back at airport. Total cost is less than $40 (pearls not included),

And here comes the good news, I got upgrade for my flight back to Jakarta, from Lion become Batik air (Google it). And overall, I really had good time here. Hey man, can’t complain about my job.


On my way to Bangsal Harbour, I always stopped to take pictures

Thank you Lombok, see you soon.


Hello Weekend in Lombok


On the left: Work Stuff. On the right: Holiday Stuff.

Today is the day that I’ve been waiting for since last month. As you know or not, I’ve traveling for work like crazy this year, even working on weekend as well. But not this weekend.

This week for instant, I been traveling from Surabaya-Nganjuk-Kediri-Malang-Jember-Surabaya-Lombok. If you know Lombok, then it would be fool if I don’t extend my stay here. I really need break and thank God, I can do that with my job.

So yes, by work for now and hello weekend in Lombok!


Fashion Friday: Minimalist

scott schuman

Scott Schuman


Sometime, the best way to approach weekend is by simply dressing minimalist. I don’t see nothing wrong by dressing monochromatic like Scott Schuman. In fact, it’s the other way around. Simple yet cool without trying to hard. Polo shirt + Jeans + Sneakers are all you need for casual Friday.

What’s your plan for weekend? If you read it correctly, I should be somewhere with nice beach by now.

Have a nice weekend!


Batik Pajamas From Solo (The Good & The Bad Review)


My first pair of batik pajamas

Hi All,

Just landed here in Lombok this afternoon. So excited because the beaches (it’s for work) and also because this is the first time I come to this beautiful island.

In order to keep my baggage not overweight during this week travel, I come with idea to traveling with this first set of Batik pajamas that I got from Solo, which is one of the central Batik in Indonesia. Let me tell you the review, including the goods and the bad, so you have something in your mind, when you ever come to Indonesia or Solo and decide to buy pajamas for yourself.

The good:

  • I like the fabric & the print. Soft and also absorb your sweats during your sleep.
  • Very affordable. I got the set for less than $8 (Please mind that I went to central of Batik, so that’s why the price very affordable).
  • I’m proud to be Indonesian.

The bad:

  • It tears easily, especially the pants if you know what I mean.
  • The button also come off easily. Again bad threads quality. But maybe only for my case. You should check the threads before you buy. Lesson learned.

In conclusion, I’m quite happy with my purchase. It’s cheap and cheerful, and definitely needs altered by my tailor.

Good night people,