Street Style: Green Sweater in Busan


Street Style: Green Sweater in Busan

I had no idea how cold Busan can be at night. So at the time I went there, I didn’t bring my jacket, because I thought “It’s summer and it’s beach anyway, why should bring jacket?” I was wrong.

During the day, the weather is lovely, but after 3 PM, it’s windy and getting colder at night. And this young man in the train knows what to wear. Simple sweater in green colour and keep everything basic.


Street Style: White Pants & Tassel Loafers in Haeundae Beach


Street Style: White Pants & Tassel Loafers in Haeundae Beach

This is my first street style picture from South Korea. I saw this gentleman as officer from BMW show room in Haeundae beach area and I knew I had to stop and take his picture.

Do you know what’s amazing about this picture? The shirt is his work uniform and the rest of his outfit is up to him to look good. So he decided to wear white pants and tassel loafer in navy colour. So stylish. I mean, common, let’s be real for once, have you ever seen any other officer who looks this good? Exactly.

Many of street style picture to come from South Korea.

Stay tuned,


He inspired me to wear white pants

Fashion Friday: Top Ten Shirt


Fashion Friday: Top Ten Shirt

Hi All,

Are you planning anything for weekend? Here I am wearing Top Ten Shirt, which I deeply in love with. I got it from Top Ten store in Busan for a great deal (only 14,000 won) and it’s definitely will stay in my closet for a while.

It’s perfect colour (deep navy) with white lines and if you understand me, then it will fit to the rest of my wardrobe. You understand me, right?

Have a nice weekend.


Kaizen Indonesia Review


Kaizen Indonesia: A modern barbershop which offers you quick but right hair cut in less than 10 minutes.

Hi All,

I really have busy schedule lately, so on the weekend, it’s my time to run errands, including time to maintain my hair. Since I also want to enjoy my weekend, it’s really important for me to get my hair done quick but right.

Enter Kaizen Indonesia. It’s a modern barbershop, which offers you quick cut in just 10 minutes. What I like about Kaizen is that it has around 40 outlets that really strategically so it’s really convenience for us, busy people. They even have outlet inside Seven Eleven store. For example, I got my haircut in Setiabudi One. It’s perfect place to get your hair cut on the weekend, but also, during working hours, because again, only 10 minutes. I got my hair cut in less than 9 minutes.


The place is clean, hygiene, and affordable.

Oh, have I mention that they sterilize all of the tools (scissor, hair comb, etc) for every customer? It’s hygienic and affordable (I only pay around IDR.45k) as well. Plus, in the end, they will give your free hair comb as souvenir. How cool is that? And if you have to wait, no worries, they also provide newspaper, magazine, even free wifi to entertain you. Not only it’s perfect hair cut for busy people for, but for children as well.


The Hairstylist is profesional and will always give you advice about the right hair cut for you.

Kaizen barbershop opens every day from 10 AM – 9 PM. For more details, please click here to see the Kaizen outlet near you.


Five Interesting Things About South Korea


Five Interesting Things About South Korea

  1. Bring your own sugar. Yes people, most of the drink served without sugar whether it’s coffee or tea. You should ask for it.
  2. You add +1 to your age. The Koreans believe that you already a human being even when you were inside your Mom’s belly.
  3. Summer sale is a real sale (July-Aug). Thanks to high competition, once they drop the price, they really drop the price. Winter sale is also happening during Dec-Jan.
  4. The Koreans are trendy people. Meaning, you will see the shirt wore by the 3 different man at the same day because it’s hot item to wear.
  5. There is free wifi at public place like train station or park, but not at restaurant, which is a good thing for you to focus on your meal, not your phone.


Coxx Borba Tassel Loafer


Coxx Borba Tassel Loafer

Hi All,

Are you back to office yet? I want to start sharing with you my one of my many purchases from Seoul. The first one is this Coxx Borba Tassel Loafer that I got at Shoopen store. It’s been a while since I’m looking for perfect one and I think I got one.

It’s made in Spain and I only pay for 50k won (around $40) from 150k Won or something (They are having summer sale, remember?). So it’s totally a great deal, don’t you think? I’m wear it today with my old wrangler dark navy jeans and 3seconds shirt in similar navy colour.

Hope you have a nice weekend.


6 Hours in HCM Vietnam


6 Hours in HCM

Hi All,

So like I said on my instagram that I really had long flights for this holiday. I need to go to KL first, then HCM (Saigon), before Seoul.

I really like HCM, because the city is quite small, easy to go around, and quite affordable. Not mention, easy to get local wine. So when I found out that I will have 6 hours (8 actually, but please exclude the time to travel between airport and the city, vice versa) to kill, I can’t ask for better place than HCM itself.  I know that I will have a lot of fun in the city and I was right.

So here are my activities while transit for 6 hours in HCM:


Banh Mi Huynh Hoa And Dalat White wine that you should try

  1. 3 PM. Arrive in Tan Son Nhat International Airport and since I’m Asean passport holder, it’s easy for me to get out from airport to the city (I already have the boarding pass to Seoul). I took the local bus 152 to the city for around 30 minutes and only cost me less than $0.20.
  2. 4-5 PM. Walking around the district 1 and window shopping around my favourite stores like Pedro and Dr.Martens. There was one pair of shoes from Pedro that I wanted to buy, but since I didn’t feel right, I passed (But turns out, it would be a great decision for the rest of the holiday, will tell you later).
  3. 6 PM. Dinner with my two favourites local food and drink. Banh Mi Huyn Hoa (less than $2) and  Dalat White wine (less than $5 per bottle). If you are around the district 1, then you can ask people or Google where is the place at. So perfect and delicious.
  4. 7- 9 PM. Since it was raining, I hang out at this cool café called Phuc Long Coffee & Tea Express just around the corner. It’s like perfect place for people watching and the people just can’t stop talking plus it’s not easy to get a chair. I tried this Oolong milk tea, which is so yummy and cost me $2. You will like this place to feel the HCM vibe.
  5. 10 PM. Going back to airport with Vina taxi (I highly recommend) and prepare to take off to Seoul. The taxi cost me around $12 since it’s only 7 KM distance from the city.

Cool Place to Hang Out in HCM, district 1

To be continue.