Let’s Go Basic This Week


Scott Disick (Source: Zimbio.com)

It’s Monday, but in my mind, the holiday starts now. I know I’m traveling right now, but as soon I’m back to Jakarta, it will be all about basic. Thinking about Scott Disick effortless style. Simply wear your basic long sleeve tee, jeans, and boots. You are ready for holiday.

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Zalora Basics Long Sleeve Henley Tee

Zalora Basics Long Sleeve Henley Tee (IDR.149.000)

Tuck In Your Shirt


You should be lucky if you can tuck in your t-shirt

As a fatso, I always find the best way to hide the fat around my waist by not tuck in my shirt as often as I can. There’s time that I have to be formal, like meeting new client, but most of the time, I will always wear shirt or even t-shirt by not tuck in the shirt. Keep it loose, so people won’t focus on my fat belly.

It’s not that I’m not trying to loose the fat, it’s just my will to eat snacks stronger than my will to go to gym or not eat at night. So when if you can tuck in your shirt, let me tell you this, I envy you. I always want to tuck in my t-shirt as long as I can remember, but I can’t. Well maybe in my own room, where no body can see me embarrassing myself.

But you know what, maybe someday, when I feel comfortable enough with my belly fat, then I will tuck in my shirt and let you know. Now tell me what’s your secret?

Up in the air now,


9 Brightly Coloured Suits For Spring Via Details Magazine

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Source: Details.com

I know, I hear you screaming from miles away, “Tito, what the heck?” Who’s gonna wear that kind of bright suits for work? Even further, who’s in his right mind can think it’s actually wearable? Don’t be silly. I mean you, don’t be a fool.

I think it’s always good to see something that we don’t usually would wear, but somewhere in our mind, we actually think, what if I wear that bold yellow suit? At least I did, trying to keep it real here. What I’m trying to say is, we can always get inspired from the pictures and apply something in our everyday look. Like for me, I like the loafers. Each one of the loafers. What about you?

Need to packing again for travel,





Before you say something mean to me, let me tell you that I got this cap like a month ago, before I go for my shopping diet. I don’t usually wear cap, because it makes my head dizzy. But since my work mainly is on the field these days, then I got no choice but get something to cover my head from sun other than sunglasses. I haven’t got my farmer’s hat from market yet, so what should I do? Get substitute.

This time I got this black cap from small shop on the street. It’s cheap and cheerful, less than $1.5 but it works to cover me from the sun. I took the plain black one.

I’m back at Jakarta,


Document Orginizer: Taylor Fine Goods Pouch

taylor fine goods canvas pouch

taylor fine goods canvas pouch (IDR.120,000)

I like this brand, I really do. Remember last time I had twitter fight with Zalora Indonesia regarding backpack? Yes, you can blame Taylor Fine Goods for that. I like how they specialize for bags in nice quality and design. From leather and canvas as well.

Back to my point, if you are looking to organize your stuff like passport, bank token, and other important documents/cards, you might want to check out this item. Made from canvas with army classic print and splash of orange in bold colour. Simple yet nice design.

Plus if you are new customer, you can get 15% additional discount by enter the code ZBAPQ2XM before you pay.


Custom Made Leather Jacket


Cody Simpson in leather jacket (Source: Zimbio.com)

I like how leather jacket could be your timeless investment item on your wardrobe. You can bring it for traveling. It’s quite light and when you put on, it will keep you warm and stylish.

Now you also can get your custom made leather jacket, designed by you and collaborate with us. Here’s how you can get it:

  • Send your design picture and details to my email: contacttitoley@gmail.com
  • The price range is around $100, depending on the design.
  • It takes 2 weeks to create your jacket.
  • We use nice leather, which will last forever if you took care of it.

Waiting for your email,